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  Resist Fascist onslaught

The fundamental rights of the citizens are inscribed in our Constitution. But it takes no time to trample them in the name of country's security. Due to bad governance there are communalism, casteism, parochialism, regionalism, terrorism and to control them draconian laws are enacted. The power has been concentrated in the hand of bureaucracy. The rule of law replaced by rule through draconian laws.

There is a competition between the ruling parties who can provide stable govt. to keep growth rate of the economy in the name of globalisation and liberalisation unchecked so there is a peculiar combination of development with the violation of human rights in the name of war on terrorism. In the present neo liberal economy and the issue of terrorism is taking centre stage and the mind of the people is diverted towards communalism and ethnic conflict.

There is a competition between main ruling parties Congress and BJP who can be more effective, soft or hard towards terrorism. In this conflict the core issue of terrorism is lost and the human right is crucified. Under this circumstance when there is Kandahmal and the serial bomb blasts across the country, the implication of draconian acts of POTA or GUJCOC has to be grasped.

A true religious person can never support terrorism on behalf of his / her religion. The self proclaimed appointee of these terrorist organisations operating in the name of religion must be combated and isolated not only by a political will of the govt. but by creating a strong socio political cultural movement involving the broadest section of the people infusing the spirit of religious tolerance and secularism. More the secularism is strengthened in the society the religious fundamentalism and terrorism is defeated. Terrorism should be dealt firmly involving the whole society, by de-communalisation and de-criminalisation of police and the administration.

22nd Nov 2008, 05:23 am

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