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  Custodial Deaths -Alarming

Once one is in police custody, the hell fall on the accused. There are many custodial deaths in the country, and the third degree method is applied to derive confession with utter disregard to the warning from Supreme Court, NHRC and other human rights organisations. The statistics of NHRC shows that in the last five years 7,468 persons at an average of 1,494 persons per year or four person in a day died in police and prison custody in India from 2002 to 2007. However, these figures represent only a fraction of the actual cases of torture. Cases of torture not resulting in death are not recorded. But once one is accused as a terrorist, there is absolute rationalisation of violation of all kinds of human rights. This is case in Guantanamo or the Iraqi prisoners treated by the U.S troops.

Under these circumstances can we distinguish between their terrorist and our terrorist? Let the law take its course. Let the investigation on terrorism be meticulous, impartial and transparent.

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