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  A Fatwa against Terrorism
All the human rights organisations of our country and the world have expressed concern for the detainees and the accused and raised voice against the abuse of power which must be honoured. Here the Sangh Parivar has absolutely failed to rise above their narrowness. How far it is advisable to use extra-constitutional means to defame terror probes. The core of the all religion is peace. Recently the Muslim clerics gathered in Hyderabad and condemned terrorism and are out to spread the message of peace throughout the country. They have declared Fatwa against Terrorism. In contrast the Hindutva forces are spreading the hatred without having a scant respect for Multi Culturalism, endorsing the Golwalkar's dictum who said, that Hindus could profit from the Nazis who raised race pride by purging the Jews. He said the foreign raiders of Hindustan , the Muslim and the Christians must accept Hindu Culture or subordinate to Hindu Nation claiming nothing, deserving no privilege.
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