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  The Double Standard of Advani
On one hand there is a demand for stringent law against the terror and on the other hand the high profiled leaders like L.K. Advani , Rajnath Singh are vocal fuelling Hindu anger with a threat of civil war by Rajnath Singh which clearly exposed the narrow sectarian attitude of Sangh Parivar combating the terrorism. Tackling terrorism should be uniform and there should not be any discrimination between the religion. But unfortunately the whole Sangh Parivar has come out nakedly opposing the investigation of the Terror Trio and others by ATS. The judicial enquiry should be applicable to all the accused irrespective of caste, creed, position, religion, region where human rights be the core of concern for not only the human right activist but all ruling parties and Citizens . But it is absolutely missing from the so called aggressive protagonist of POTA, GUJCOC Mr. L.K.Advani, is very partisan. His utterances may give wrong signal to the investing agencies of the Govt. The leading News Papers of the country have cautioned BJP and Advani for the irresponsible outrage and to mind his words.
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