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  Face less Terrorism

The terrorism is faceless and has no religion but the face was given to Islam after the 9/11 creating a Islam phobia through out the globe. The war on Terrorism was targeted towards Muslim. Of course the American society has tried to unmask the design of Bush of his War on Terror. The Oscar awarded film Farrenhit 9/11 by Michael Moore has raised the question on the so-called War on Terror. A section in U.S. A. also believes that the attack on WTC was self implicated injury by Bush.

Prior to giving a name to the terrorism a conducive mind was prepared through world wide debate on the book 'Clash of Civilisations & the Remaking of World Order ' written by Huntington funded by C.I.A. and the opinion was created all over the world that Islamic world is barbaric .The fingering on Islam was so deep that one after another films were produced on Islamic terrorism and media was in sway. Film "Wednesday" is just an example in India.

Between 2004 and 2008, India has witnessed at least 25 major bomb blasts , in which 717 people were killed and hundreds injured. In all 8 Mosques and 2 temple were attacked. But all the time it was painted as the act of Muslim Terrorism. But why the Muslim would attack their own place of prayers - the Masjid ? The answer was that the Muslims are doing so to provoke the Muslims against the Hindus and all believed it because the propaganda machinery as well as the administration were hammering the mind of people continuously.

Undoubtedly both the BJP and the Congress are trying to garner votes in the present state assembly election and ensuing Lok Sabha poll centering round terrorism. When BJP term it as a political conspiracy and Congress accuses in the words of Abhishek Sanghvi as an attempt to "infiltrate, influence and convert" our institutions including the Army. Truly , the issue of Terrorism is lost in this electoral battle.

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