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In the wake of violation of Human Rights related to terrorism the Amnesty International, UN Special Rappoprteur for Terrorism and Human Rights, Human Rights Watch and many others have always expressed concern that the human rights should be protected while combating terrorism. They have said laws against terrorism are ineffective and creating counter terrorists. They emphasised that the rule of law should be the bedrock of global fight against terrorism. The Amnesty International asked the Government of India to enact legislation to protect the Human Rights as per International Covevant on Civil and Political Rights and reform all Penal Code.

Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has warned compromising human rights while fighting terrorism.

Even Supreme Court of India said in 1996, "Experience shows that worst violations of human rights take place during the course of investigation, when the police with a view to secure evidence or confession often resorts to third degree methods including torture and adopts techniques of screening arrest by either no recording the arrest or describing the deprivation of liberty merely as a prolonged interrogation"

Supreme Court also said terrorism thrives when human rights are violated. Justice Rajendra Gadkar expressed anxiety about the extra ordinary powers and warned the detrimental effect long back. He said, "freedom of the citizens cannot be taken away". Justice Jain said every terrorist may be criminal but every criminal cannot be labelled as a terrorist to set the motion the more stringent provisions of anti- terrorist law.

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