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  Violation of Rights in Gujarat

According to Government of Gujarat figures, 223 persons remained "missing" after the 2002 violence, a majority of whom were Muslims. As per the version of family members and NGOs many were killed and their bones were found in mass graves. In December 2005 and August 2006, two such mass graves came to light in Kidiad town and in the Panam river bed near Lunawada town.

The Gujarat Government claimed that police initially arrested 5,384 persons in the city of Ahmedabad and 24,683 persons in the state as a whole and a very few number of these investigations actually led to convictions.. There was continued concern about the failure of the Gujarat government to arrest and convict those responsible for the 2002 violence. Convictions of Hindu perpetrators of the violence were minimal, while acquittals were common. According to an October 2006 report submitted by the federal government to an UN agency, six cases resulted in convictions, whereas 182 cases were aquittals. After agreeing to re examine the closure of 1,600 complaints as per instruction of the Supreme Court, Gujarat police concluded that a majority of cases could not be reinvestigated due to lack of witnesses. Empowered with POTA, there was ghettoisation of Justice in Gujarat .

Prevention of Anti Social Activity(PASA) is very much operative in Gujarat to control anti social activities. 40% cases lack evidence. In last two years , out of 3085 cases of PASA , the Review board has released 1175 due to lack evidence. In Ahmedabad alone out of 956 held under PASA, 236 released and similarly 246 out of 659 in Surat, 112 out of 429 in Baroda , 6 out of 6 in Gandhinagar. The use of PASA is more political than criminal or to enhance the figure of arrest for the sake of police record.

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