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The modern terrorism is associated with liberalisation, globalisation and is a gift of American Imperialism. The U.S. Patriotic Act followed by the United Nations Security Council's resolution 1373 against terrorism after 9/11 catastrophic incident in America, resulted endless bombing and devastating the whole Afghanistan to end the centre of terrorism and flush out Osama Bin Laden in the name of War on Terrorism. As the junior partner of the U.S. Imperialism, the then NDA government held the joint session of Lok Sabha-Rajya Sabha which was only the third time in the history of the Indian Parliament that the extraordinary measure of calling a Joint Session was taken. POTA became law with 425 votes for the Act and 296 against, after a 10-hours debate.

Ironically the then Jansangh and later BJP opposed D.I.R., MISA during emergency by Indira Gandhi. Advani pleaded to enact it as a 'duty to International community." Ram Jethmalani, who was Union Law Minister at the time POTA was passed, told the media later that he deeply regretted it afterwards. "I supported it only because it was done in obedience to United Nations Security Council resolutions," he said.

And the present Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India Mr.Balakrishnan says a draconian law is likely to be misused. But all the ruling parties in this capitalist society are fond of draconian acts in the name of ensuring rule of law.

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