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Gujarat has been demanding for GUJCOC which is denied by Congress led UPA Govt. at Centre . The GUJCOC was passed in Gujarat Assembly in April-2003. It was returned by the NDA Govt. The GUJCOC was again sent back for approval on June 19, 2004 . The Gujarat government again passed resolution to give consent to GUJCOC in last September, 2008. The similar kind of law MOCOCA is operating in Maharashtra led by UPA, But MOCAO was introduced in Maharashtra when NDA was in power. A euphoria had been created centering round GUJCOC and Modi appeals the people, NRIs, to write postcards, send e-mails to P.M. He appealed to make it a peoples' movement. Modi said "those who are less for terror and more for terrorists are the one who opposes GUJCOC and POTO". A war hysteria like atmosphere was created against the UPA Govt. As if there is a warring situation between Centre and State.

In absence of GUJCOC or POTA the accused can be booked under Indian evidence act as now many are arrested as terrorist in Gujarat. But Modi wanted MOCOC and POTA like act. Mr. L.K.Advani goes to the extent "This is a war against Nation and not against any particular party" . He called for zero tolerance towards terrorism. Of course during the regime of NDA, when POTA was very much operative, there were attacks on Parliament, Akshardham and incident of going to Kandahar to negotiate with the terrorists and so on. As soon as POTA was scraped, by the UPA Govt. just before one month of its lapse UPA was promulgated with provisions of POTA except the clause on confession before police.

A case was filed in Gujarat High Court against UPA Govt. on consent to GUJCOC. The UPA government in its reply in Gujarat High Court said since GUJCOC is similar to POTA the Indian government is bound by its electoral promises, so it can not allow it. Where as Modi says "Without a tough law like GUJCOC I feel helpless in dealing with terrorism".

Narendra Modi spoken to the Prime Minister in person in Ahmedabad: 'I am anguished to note that the government of India has not given any serious thought to any of my suggestions. Let not another city be added in the list of terrorist attacks. Let not more people lose their lives and limbs..' At one point it appeared that UPA Govt may concede to GUJCOC.

In the National Integration Council held on 13th October, the issue of terrorism was forced by the BJP leaders side tracking the issue of communalism in Kandhamal and Karnataka. Advani had declared BJP's poll agenda, NDA will enforce POTA if elected at centre.

Whereas Congress advocates for Federal Investigating Agency which will contain terrorism more stringently. It is clear that "More draconian anti terrorist law" are in card whether it is a UPA or NDA led Govt. in coming days.

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