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Himani Savarkar who said " If we can have bullet for bullet why not blast for blast." She gave a clean chit to Lt. Colonel Srikant Purohit and Sadhvi Pragya Singh and collecting funds for trial, and held meeting in Pune praising the martyrdom of Nathuram Godse and praising Lt. Colonel Srikant Purohit as Mangal Pandey of 1857and advocated for Hindu Rashtra and declared second class citizens those are against it.

The sudden visit of Ms. Himani Savarkar of Abhinav Bharat, the niece of Nathuram Godse to Baroda and the sudden appearance of poster pasted on the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Baroda, saluting the martyrdom of Nathuram Godse to commemorate his martyrdom year. The gist of the poster is, "If dedication to the country is a sin I owe that sin, if it is holy, I have a right to claim it." Nathuram Godse is dead but his legacy of hatred still thrives on. He is the martyr! But not a terrorist!

On the other hand Mr.Pravin Togadia is very active in defending those accused, "A Hindu by definition cannot be a terrorist." "describing a sadhvi as a terrorist sin" Mr. Narendra Modi too said, that the Army officer were doing their duty for the sake of motherland and he charged the UPA Govt. deliberately attempting to demoralise the security forces, suspecting them to be behind terrorist activities.

On one hand VHP, BJP and RSS are sharing one platform, rousing patriotic frenzy and on the other hand Narendra Modi's Govt. is dissociating from VHP for obvious reason known to himself. A phony war between Modi and VHP is going on where Mr. Ashok Singhal has come to take charge against Modi's Govt.It is a manoeuvre trick by Modi to camouflage his relations with VHP and remain insulated from any eventualities. Of course RSS repeatedly reiterate that it would not campaign for BJP.

The link of terrorism is spreading the span from Malegaon to Nanded, Kanpur, Jammu, Samjhauta express and so on. More over there are series of accidental bomb blasts here and there in different parts of the country with the recovery of unexploded bombs. Are these incidents isolated ones as was told about the blast in Kanpur in last August where two activists of Bajrang Dal died while making bombs?

The elections are going on in six states. These issues may have some impact on vote bank for both Congress and BJP. Sadhvi Pragya Singh has already become the Poster girl for BJP in the election. The BJP never lost any opportunity to clamour for stringent POTA like law, whenever there was any bomb blast.


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